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  1. November 28, 2009 5:13 pm


    We are the freedom fighters fighting for freedom and democracy in Burma since 1988 when the students led nationwide uprising calling for an end of one party rule and to restore democracy in Burma broke out on August 8, 1988. We have been waging a campaign named “Anti-Dictatorship, People’s Freedom Movement in Burma in front of the Burmese embassy in Washington DC since 2003. After experiencing our twenty one years long struggle, we came to understand why our struggle bore no fruit to free our country. The key part of it was that the political leaderships both inside and overseas have depended too much on the international internal intervention led by the US, which eventually would bring about the political change in Burma by ignoring the real power of the people in Burma. Thus, the people of Burma have looked up the US as their savior without doing any effort ever since then. As a result the status quo of Burma has remained unchanged except the mounting records of human rights violations still.

    First of all, congratulations to the president’s leadership and victory of the House’s Health Care Bill on Saturday. We sense the real heart of the Democrat Party, especially at this time while the people are struggling, in this regard. We thank both the President and the Party on behalf of the people in the US.

    The President Obama, to our view, is the symbol of the victory of the underdogs. We have been his supporters since from the beginning. Cool, collected, thoughtful and decisive manner of the president gave us a hope for the brighter future of the US and the whole world including our country. Likewise the people of Burma have a great expectation on the President Obama’s victory hoping he might do something for the freedom of the underdogs in Burma on his own finesse way forward. His policy review toward the regime in Burma was cautiously welcome by the international community including the people of Burma. Before it implements the formal relationship between the US and Burma, according to US Assistant Secretary of State, Kurt Campbell, the US wants to see the releases of all political prisoners including Daw Suu, the national reconciliation and the participations of the oppositions in the 2010 election. The people of Burma including the ethnic groups have applauded it.

    Unfortunately, we have learnt that the President will meet General Thein Sein at APEC meeting in Singapore. As the Burmese Americans we are disturbed by such news. First of all Thein Sein is nothing but such a petite puppet of General Than Shwe, who actually rules the country. He is not a person who can participate in decision making process in Than Shwe’s cabinet but just a messenger himself. He has no power or authority to improve the political crisis of Burma but to do what Than Shwe said. Generals like Thein Sein will come and go under General Than Shwe’s authoritative rule. Many top brass generals like Thein Sein have been sacked under Than Shwe’s “Dog Eat Dog” game in the past. The former general Khin Nyunt, who was very popular among the ASEAN leaders, is one of them. As a matter of fact, the appropriateness becomes a question for us if our President, the leader of the free world, shakes hands with him. We honestly believe that Mister President, if the news is true, might have gone too far and too first in this regard. In addition, it will also give a wrong signal to the people of Burma who are determined to fight against the upcoming 2010 election by hopeful support of the US no matter what as well.

    Aung Thu
    Planning Committee
    Date: November 9, 2009

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