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Recent Burmese News 090828

August 28, 2009

Recent Burmese News – 090828

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Fighting in Myanmar leads 10,000 to flee to China

Kunming (China), Aug 28 (Xinhua) About 10,000 citizens of Myanmar have fled to neighbouring China’s Yunnan province Friday morning following clashes in their region, the provincial government said.
Big News

100,000 Pakistani labourers expected to work in Malaysia by end 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Aug.27 : With an estimated three-fold increase in workers, Pakistan is set to join Indonesia, Bangladesh and Myanmar as the largest primary source of foreign labour for Malaysia.
Big News

More refugees pour into China amid fighting in Myanmar – Summary

Beijing – More refugees have poured across the border from Myanmar into China’s Yunnan province, joining thousands displaced by fighting in Myanmar’s Kokang region of Shan State, the Chinese governmen…
Earth Times

10,000 flee ti China as Myanmar fight raises civil war fears

BANGKOK: Continuous fighting between Myanmar’s junta and rebel ethnic armies in the northeast has driven more than 10,000 refugees into China. It has also raised fears of a full scale civil war, me…
Times of India

Refugees Flee as Fighting Breaks Out in Myanmar’s North

Myanmar , fighting has broken out between the central government and upland ethnic groups, sending thousands of refugees fleeing into neighboring China. The fighting in Shan State, including two battl…
International Herald Tribune

Burmese Ceasefire Breaks Down

The ceasefire in northeastern Shan State between the Burmese military junta and several ethnic armies, including the Kokang and the Wa, was broken on Thursday when a combined force of ethnic insurgent…
The Irrawaddy

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi to appeal

Lawyers for Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s detained opposition leader, have said they will file an appeal next week against the criminal conviction that extended her house arrest by another 18 months. E…
Al Jazeera – Comment on this

Ethnic group in Myanmar said to break cease-fire

Fighting between an ethnic militia and government security forces broke out Thursday in northeastern Myanmar, breaching a two-decade cease-fire, according to several unconfirmed reports originating fr…
eTaiwan News

Tense situation in N. Myanmar’s Shan state prevails

The situation in Myanmar’s special region-1 in northern Shan state, bordering China’s southwestern Yunnan Province, has been tense in past few days, triggering influx of Myanmar border inhabitants and…
People’s Daily

China, Myanmar sign MOU on rural projects

First Secretary of the Myanmar State Peace and Development Council General Thiha Thura Tin Aung Myint Oo met with visiting Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Chen Jian in the new capital of Nay Pyi Taw…
People’s Daily

Myanmar leader meets Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce

First Secretary of the Myanmar State Peace and Development Council General Thiha Thura Tin Aung Myint Oo met with visiting Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Chen Jian in the new capital of Nay Pyi Taw…
People’s Daily

Activists fear escalation in violence as thousands of refugees flee Myanmar

BANGKOK: Fighting between Myanmar’s junta and ethnic rebel groups in northeastern Myanmar was expected to escalate after thousands of refugees fled to the Chinese border, activists said Thursday…
The Daily Star

Opposition activists launch yellow campaign – Myint Maung

New Delhi – With the second anniversary of the ‘Saffron Revolution’ round the corner, 10 opposition activists launched a campaign in Rangoon last Tuesday to pay tribute to monks, who took part i…

Thein Htay: Burma’s terminator – Min Lwin

To win respect and rapid promotion in the Burmese military you have to play hardball. Maj-Gen Thein Htay, who is deputy-chief of Defense Industry l, is one of the toughest players on the field.  Mili…

Burmese exile government urges Washington to stay firm on sanctions – Daniel Schearf

A spokesman for the Burmese government in exile has urged Washington not to hastily ease sanctions against Burma’s military government. The exile government and rights groups support U.S. engage…

Will polls bring change to army-ruled Myanmar

The junta has promised the vote will be free, fair and inclusive. But with no date set, electoral laws yet to be drafted and opposition politicians still in jail, more questions than answers surround …  BurmaNet

US man wept ‘every day’ over Suu Kyi trial

AN American jailed and later freed by Burma’s military junta for swimming to the home of pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi says he had “wept every day” while in prison.  BurmaNet

Webb’s misguided views – Pyinna Zawta

Although he emphasized the necessity of the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, this falls far short of the demands of the US, the United Nations and the European Union for the immediate and unconditional re… BurmaNet

Myanmar activist says China ignores junta’s graft – Jim Gomez

MANILA Philippines – China and other governments with lucrative business deals in Myanmar are ignoring massive corruption by its ruling military junta, a pro-democracy activist said Thursday. BurmaNet

More India companies to invest in Myanmar this year

More India companies are to invest in Myanmar’s information technology (IT) and education sectors this year, a local weekly The Myanmar Post reported Thursday.

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi to file appeal on case next week

Yangon – Lawyers for Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi said today they will file an appeal next week against the criminal conviction that put the democracy leader under house arrest for 18 more month…

No turning back – Aung Zaw

Historically, there is little reason for the two countries to regard each other as enemies. Despite the US-backed occupation of northern Shan State by the Chinese Kuomintang in the 1950s, Burmese mili…

Fighting breaks out between Kokang and government troops

Thursday, 27 August 2009 22:41 New Delhi (Mizzima) – The palpable tension between Kokang and Burmese troops, finally sparked a clash on Thursday with at least three separate gun battles taking place…
Mizzima News

US House delegation arrives in Burma

Thursday, 27 August 2009 22:50 Chaing Mai (Mizzima) – A three-member United States delegation arrived in Burma today as part of Washington’s ongoing review of its public diplomacy and assistance progr…
Mizzima News


ျမန္မာကမၻာ သတင္းပေဒသာ/ေဆာင္းပါးမ်ား

ျမန္မာစာလုံးရယူရန္        zawgyi      bit (RFA)     myanmar1 (BBC)     အျခားျမန္မာေဖာင့္မ်ား

{အထက္ပါ မ်ဥ္းသားထားေသာလင့္မ်ားကုိတုိ႔ၿပီး မိမိတုိ႔ကြန္ပ်ဴတာတြင္ သိမ္းဆည္းထားပါ}


ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္ အယူခံဝင္မည္

ကိုးကန္႔ဒုကၡသည္မ်ား တ႐ုတ္ႏုိင္ငံဘက္ ခိုလႈံ

ဘုန္းေတာ္ႀကီး ဒလုိင္း လားမား ထုိင္၀မ္ခရီးစဥ္ တ႐ုတ္အစုိးရ ကန္႔ကြက္

ျမန္မာနဲ႔ ကုိးကန္႔တပ္ဖဲြ႕ေတြၾကား တုိက္ပဲြေတြ ျဖစ္ပြား

အေမရိကန္ ေအာက္လႊတ္ေတာ္ အရာရွိေတြ NLD နဲ႔ ေတြ႕မည္

ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္ အက်ယ္ခ်ဳပ္ ယခင္ထက္ ပိုတင္းက်ပ္

ဂ်င္မ္ ၀က္ဘ္ တိုက္တြန္းမႈ အေမရိကန္အစိုးရ အေလးအနက္ထား

ကိုးကန္႔နယ္ေျမအေရး ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ အမ်ဳိးသားေကာင္စီ ေၾကညာခ်က္ထုတ္

ဦးခြန္ျမင့္ထြန္း ၫြန္႔ေပါင္းအစိုးရ တိုးခ်ဲ႕ဖဲြ႕စည္းဖို႔ႀကိဳးစားခဲ့

ေ႐ြးေကာက္ပြဲ ဆန္႔က်င္ဖို႔ ႏႈိးေဆာ္ လႈပ္႐ွား

မေလး႐ွားထိန္းသိမ္းေရးစခန္းမွ ျမန္မာမ်ား ထူးဆန္းေသာ ကူးစက္ေရာဂါ ျဖစ္ပြား

သံဃာေတာ္မ်ား ႏိုင္ငံေရးကင္း႐ွင္းဖို႔ သတိေပး

လယ္သမားမ်ား ဆန္ျပဳတ္ေသာက္ေနရ

ကုိးကန္႔ေဒသမွာ တုိက္ပဲြမ်ားျဖစ္ပြား

အေမရိကန္အမတ္မ်ား၏ ကိုယ္စားလွယ္အဖြဲ႕ႏွင့္ NLD ေခါင္းေဆာင္မ်ား ေတြ႕ဆံုမည္

ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္ လြတ္ေျမာက္ေရး အေျပးၿပိဳင္ပဲြ က်င္းပမည္

ေျမာက္ပိုင္းေဒသ ၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းေရး ပ်က္ၿပီ

ထိုင္းေရာက္ ကရင္ တိုင္းရင္းသားမ်ား မယ္လ စခန္းကို ပို႔မည္

ကိုးကန္႔အဖြဲ႕ ဥကၠဌေဟာင္း ဖုန္က်ား႐ွင္ တန္ျပန္ေၾကညာခ်က္ထုတ္

ကိုးကန္႔နယ္ေျမတြင္ ဒုတိယေျမာက္ေန႔ တိုက္ပြဲျဖစ္

ကိုးကန္႔နယ္ေျမအတြင္း တိုက္ပဲြမ်ား ေနရာအႏံွ႔ျဖစ္ တ႐ုတ္ႏိုင္ငံသားအခ်ိဳ႕ထိခိုက္ေသဆံုးမႈရိွ

အလုပ္သမားလက္မွတ္ရိွသူမ်ားသာ ယာယီႏိုင္ငံကူးလက္မွတ္လုပ္ခြင့္ရိွ

ၿမိဳ႕ျပင္တကၠသုိလ္ပညာေရးေၾကာင့္ ေက်ာင္းသားမ်ားအခက္ေတြ႔

ေကအန္ယူ တပ္မဟာ (၆) ကုိ ထိုးစစ္ဆင္မည့္သတင္း ေပါက္ၾကား

နအဖ ဆိုတဲ့ (အ)ႏူ ကလီးယား

ကၽြႏု္ပ္တုိ႔ပုိင္သည္ျမန္မာျပည္ စာအုပ္ ျမန္မာကေလးငယ္မ်ား ဖန္တီး

အိႏိၵယႏွင့္ ျမန္မာစစ္အရာရွိမ်ား ေတြ႔ဆံု

ရန္ကုန္ကို အမိႈက္ပံုလို ထားရစ္ခဲ့ၿပီ

စီးပြားပ်က္ကပ္ေၾကာင့္ ထုိင္းေရာက္ ျမန္မာ အမ်ားအျပား အလုပ္ျပဳတ္

ကုိးကန္႔ေဒသ အပစ္ရပ္ေရး သေဘာတူညီခ်က္ ပ်က္ၿပီ

မေလးရွား အခ်ဳပ္ခန္းမ်ားမွ ျမန္မာမ်ား က်န္းမာေရး ထိခုိက္

မိဘမဲ့ မုန္တုိင္းသင့္မ်ားအတြက္ ဂီတပဲြ လန္ဒန္တြင္ က်င္းပမည္

ပိုက္ဆံမေပးရင္ စာေမးပဲြ ေပးမေျဖဘူးရွင့္

ပံုႏွိပ္မီဒီယာတြင္ အရက္ဘီယာ ၁၅ မ်ိဳးသာ ေၾကာ္ျငာခြင့္ရ

အ‌ေမရိကန္‌ ကုိယ္‌စားလွယ္‌နဲ ့ အာဖဂန္‌‌သမၼတ စကားမ်ား

တ႐ုတ္‌ ျမန္‌မာနယ္‌စပ္‌ တုိက္‌ပြဲသုံးႀကိမ္‌‌ျဖစ္‌ပြား


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