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Recent Burmese News 090516

May 16, 2009

Recent Burmese News – 090516


Myanmar bars Suu Kyi lawyer, U.S. renews sanctions

Myanmar under pressure to free Aung San Suu Kyi

West rebukes Myanmar on “trumped-up” Suu Kyi case

Myanmar bars Suu Kyi lawyer, U.S. renews sanctions

Top US senators warn Myanmar over Aung San Suu Kyi

Burma proves a knotty problem

Bangkok Post : Burma complaints build

Burma’s opposition leader maintains innocence

Pillay wants immediate release of Aung San Suu Kyi

Calling on Myanmar’s Government to drop all charges against pro-democracy leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, the top United Nations human rights official Friday appealed to authorities for her immediate and unconditional release.
Big News

Obama extends Myanmar sanctions

President Barack Obama has formally extended US sanctions against Myanmar amid latest tensions over detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi who was put on trial on charges of allowing a US national to visit her home without permission from the authorities.
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Myanmar bars lawyer from Suu Kyi trial

(AP Photo/Myanmar News Agency, HO, File)FILE – In this Nov. 9, 2007 file photo released by Myanmar News Agency, Detained Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is seen at the state guesthouse in Y…

Southwest Missouri man arrested in Myanmar

— It reads something like a mission impossible. Police accounts tell of ex-military man John Yettaw traveling halfway around the world to the country of Myanmar. Fashioning flippers from cardboard an…
News Channel 5

Burma – Aung San Suu Kyi facing trial and incarceration in Insein prison

(ARTICLE 19/IFEX) – 14 May 2009 – Burmese democracy leader and de jure prime minister Aung San Suu Kyi has early this morning been taken from her home and incarcerated in Insein Prison, on a charge of…

Security increased around Insein Prison – Min Lwin

Increased security forces, including firefighters, members of the Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) and Swan Arr Shin, have been stationed around Rangoon’s infamous Insein prison, …

Rangoon media silent on Suu Kyi – Saw Yan Naing

Burmese journalists from Rangoon-based publications have complained that they cannot report freely about pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s transfer to Insein Prison due to heavy restrictions o…

The Lady, a “fool” and a crazy dictator – Aung Zaw

Aung San Suu Kyi’s lawyer, Kyi Win, is an angry man. His client is now in jail as a result of a madcap escapade by the American intruder John William Yettaw.

Democracy party faces poll dilemma – Amy Kazmin and Tim Johnston

In Burma’s business capital, Rangoon, a city rapidly acquiring a surprising veneer of affluence, the headquarters of the National League for Democracy remains dilapidated and frozen in time. Above t…

Stop tip-toeing around and save Suu Kyi – Zoya Phan

If statements of concern were enough to influence the brutal dictatorship ruling my country, then opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the people of Burma would have been freed many years ago. It is…

Thailand hopes for transparency in Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial – Usa Pichai

Thai Foreign Minister, Kasit Piromya, has said Thailand would not pressurize Burma on Aung San Suu Kyi’s case, but hoped Burma would conduct the court trial with transparency.

The Elders call for release of fellow Elder Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

On Monday 18 May the Burmese political leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, is to be put on trial. Along with her two housekeepers and US citizen John Yettaw, she has been charged with violating the terms of her…

ASEAN member urges governments not to fall for Burma ‘fallacy’ – Francis Wade

The head of the Burma caucus of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has said that the charges to be faced by Burma oppositon leader are “just ridiculous”, and urged fellow ASEAN gov…

Arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi – Bernard Kouchner and Rama Yade

France utterly condemns the arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi and her transfer to Insein prison. This decision is even more unacceptable in that the Nobel Peace Prizewinner’s health has deteriorated over t…

West rebukes Myanmar on “trumped-up” Suu Kyi case – Aung Hla Tun

Western critics slammed Myanmar’s ruling generals on Friday for pressing “trumped-up” new charges against detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, but the move drew only a mild r…

Bangladesh military exercise near border – Nyein Chan

Closely monitored by the Burmese Army, the Bangladeshi armed forces comprising of the army, navy and air force are conducting a joint military exercise in the Bay of Bengal, near the maritime boundary…

Fated winds turn path to cyclone-hit Myanmar

When Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar just over a year ago on May 2, Naomi Kato was in Japan, wishing she wasn’t. As life ended for some 140,000 people and changed drastically for countless others, the Yoko…
Japan Times

World leaders demand freedom for Suu Kyi

Friday, 15 May 2009 22:25 New Delhi (Mizzima) – World leaders, including Ban Ki Mon, the United Nations (UN) Secretary General are being urged to pressurize the Burmese military regime for the uncondi…
Mizzima News

Myanmar Democracy Activist Imprisoned

FILE May 6, 2002. Aung San Suu Kyi Myanmar opposition leader surrounded by supporters in a massive crowd as she arrives at her party headquarters. Myanmar’s military government on Thursday, May 14, 20…
ABC News

Pro-junta group criticizes Suu Kyi, U.S.

Friday, 15 May 2009 20:18 New Delhi (Mizzima) – A pro-junta student group on Friday criticized the United States and its citizens for adding fuel to the already complex political imbroglio of Burma …
Mizzima News


ျမန္မာကမၻာ သတင္းပေဒသာ/ေဆာင္းပါးမ်ား

ျမန္မာစာလုံးရယူရန္        zawgyi      bit (RFA)     myanmar1 (BBC)     အျခားျမန္မာေဖာင့္မ်ား

{အထက္ပါ မ်ဥ္းသားထားေသာလင့္မ်ားကုိတုိ႔ၿပီး မိမိတုိ႔ကြန္ပ်ဴတာတြင္ သိမ္းဆည္းထားပါ}


မန္‌မာ‌နုိင္‌ငံ အ‌ေပၚ‌ပိတ္‌ဆုိ ့မႈ သက္‌တမ္‌းတုိး

“ဒီအမႈကုိ ဖ်က္သိမ္းေပးပါ၊ က်ေနာ္တုိ႔ လက္မခံဘူး”

‌အျပည္ျ‌ပည္‌ဆုိင္‌ရာ ရာဇဝတ္‌ တရား႐ုံးကျမန္‌မာစစ္‌‌ေခါင္‌း‌ေဆာင္‌‌ေတြအ‌ေပၚ စုံစမ္‌းရန္‌

တီေမာသမၼတက ဗုိလ္ခ်ဳပ္မွဴးႀကီး သန္းေရႊတုိ႔ကုိ ႏုိင္ငံတကာခုံရုံးသုိ႔ ပုိရန္ ဆႏၵရိွ

အင္န္အယ္ဒီပါတီက ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္အေရး စစ္အစိုးရအား ျပင္းထန္စြာ ကန္႔ကြက္

‌ေဒၚ‌‌ေအာင္‌ဆန္‌းစုၾကည္‌ တရားစြဲခံရမႈ ‌ပုံရိပ္‌မ်ား

ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္မွာ အျပစ္မရွိေၾကာင္း ေရွ႕ေနျဖစ္သူ ေခ်ပ

ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္ကို လႊတ္ေပးေရး မေလး႐ွား႐ိွ ျမန္မာသံ႐ံုးေ႐ွ႕ ဆႏၵျပ

စစ္အစိုးရ၏ လုပ္ရပ္အေပၚ ဂ်ပန္ႏိုင္ငံက အလြန္စိုးရိမ္ေၾကာင္း ေျပာၾကား

ႏိုင္ငံေရး အမႈလိုက္ေရွ႕ေန ၂ ဦး လိုင္စင္သိမ္းခံရ

စစ္အစုိးရ ျပင္းျပင္းထန္ထန္ ေ၀ဖန္ခံရ

ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္ သတင္း လူထု အထူးအာ႐ုံစိုက္

ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္ကို တရားစြဲျခင္းမွာ ဥပေဒမဲ့လုပ္ရပ္ – ျပည္တြင္းက လူထုအမ်ားစု တုံ႔ျ့ပန္

ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္ကို တရားစြဲသည့္ေန႔က …

အင္းစိန္ေထာင္ အျပင္ဘက္ လုံၿခဳံေရးတင္းက်ပ္

ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္၏ မိသားစုဆရာဝန္ကို ျပန္မလႊတ္ေသး

ေဒၚေအာင္ဆန္းစုၾကည္ကို ျပန္လႊတ္ေပးဖုိ႔ အာဆီယံႏိုင္ငံအခ်ဳိ႕ေတာင္းဆို

ေဒၚစုအမႈတြင္ ပြင့္လင္းျမင္သာမႈ ရွိလိမ့္မည္ဟု ထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံက ေမွ်ာ္လင့္

ေဒၚစု ဖမ္းဆီးမႈ ျပည္ပေရာက္ ျမန္မာမ်ား ကန္႔ကြက္ဆႏၵျပ

တရားစြဲဆိုျခင္းသည္ ဆက္လက္ ထိမ္းသိမ္းရန္ ဆင္ေျခသာျဖစ္

ေဒၚစုကို တရားစြဲျခင္းအေပၚ ျပည္ပေရာက္ အတိုက္အခံတို႔ စစ္အစိုးရကို ရႈတ္ခ်

‌ေဒၚေအာင္‌ဆန္‌းစုၾကည္‌ အိမ္‌ ခုိးဝင္‌သူ

ေရႊလီ ေရအားလွ်ပ္စစ္ ဖြင့္လွစ္ေတာ့မည္

ေဒၚစု ဖမ္းဆီး တရားစဲြဆိုမႈကို ႏုိင္ငံတကာ အသိုင္းအဝိုင္း၏ အျမင္မ်ား

ရမည္းသင္းေရႊဆိုင္ လုယက္မႈ တပ္ထြက္တဦး ပါဝင္


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